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A family run business

A family run business

Santeshotel is a family-run business in the hands of the Niederkofler family for three generations.

Doing our best every day is a commitment we try to hold on to with passion and dedication in order to ensure our guests an unforgettable holiday.


Our experience guides us every day in our work to offer high quality services to ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests.

Once upon a time…

Our history



The first mention of the name Weger, in relation not to the present Hotel, but to the original Schusterhäusl, dates back to 1682.

The original structure of the Weger farmstead therefore only consisted of a small house raised above ground, which fell into disrepair in the 18th century.

the original inn used to be the Weger wine cellar (1696), which still exists today.

The original Weger Inn was then built around 1700.

from 1960

Wegerhof hotel

In 1960 it was demolished by my father, Peter Niederkofler, and rebuilt in another location.

In 1964, the then new Wegerhof in Antholz di Mezzo was requisitioned to serve as a barracks until 1972.

When things quietened down again, work began on renovating the house, which until 1995, as the Hotel Wegerhof, accommodated numerous guests who had become friends of ours in Antholz.



In 1994, my father handed the inn over to me, and in 1995, I converted the inn into today’s Santeshotel.

We realized that it was time to proceed with some further changes in order to equip the hotel with all the necessary comfort and amenities.

The appreciation that our guests show us on a daily basis makes us happy for the step we have taken.

Our story in photos